Lambert C. Boissiere, Jr.



As Constable, Boissiere serves as chief law enforcement officer for First City Court, which has jurisdiction over the entire eastbank of Orleans Parish--one of the largest jurisdictions in the U.S. First City Court handles civil lawsuits with claims up to $25,000, small claims suits up to $3,000, and evictions for residential and commercial properties with rental fees up to $3,000 per month.

Once the court renders a judgment on a case, the Constable’s Office is responsible for making sure the court’s orders are carried out. The office serves pleadings, makes seizures, conducts evictions, and conducts sales of property.

Unlike other government offices, the Constable’s Office is unique in that it is financially self-sufficient and performs its duties at no cost to the taxpayer. The Constable’s annual budget, including all salaries, is taken from funds collected for services rendered.

The Office of the Constable goes beyond serving papers and making seizures by contributing to the economic development of New Orleans. Constable Boissiere currently employs more than 15 individuals.

Boissiere is active in state and national constables associations, which bring hundreds of officers nationwide to the city and pump thousands of dollars into the local economy. He holds memberships in the National Constables Association and the Louisiana City Marshall's Association.

As further evidence of his community involvement, Constable Boissiere has developed partnerships with local non-profit and philanthropic organizations and is creating assistance and educational programs for the elderly and indigent, especially in the inner-city. He has also incorporated a Reserve Deputy Division to serve the community’s needs in a multitude of ways--from painting blighted homes to providing security at school fairs. In short, Constable Boissiere has expanded the traditional scope of the Constable’s Office and is making a difference wherever he can.

He is an active member of the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club.